Are you excited about working with children and young adults with visual impairments? Please send your application along with your most current resume to [email protected]

Two staff members playing “smeeling” under blindfolds during staff training.

2024 staff application

Other required staff forms are coming soon, stay tuned!

We hire staff members who are blind or have low vision as well as sighted to be great mentors for our campers. OUB Camps are a great resume builder for any young adult and can help speed them on their career path. As a member of OUB staff, you will be intricately involved with our campers learning experience; the process is highly rewarding.

We Need Staff!! Find Job Descriptions Here!!

Camp Nurse Job Description

Assistant Health Officer Job Description

Camp Counselor Job Description

Camp Counselor-in-Training Job Description

Lifeguard/ Driver Job Description

Custodian Job Description

Campers and staff pose on a sidewalk.

Campers and staff pose on a sidewalk.

If you would like to volunteer your time, please see our Volunteer Page