Fun Ideas for Helping Visually-Impaired Kids Play Outside More Often

As the world changes and technology advances, kids tend to spend less time outside. In fact, some kids are so out of touch with nature that the term “nature-deficit disorder” was coined to describe how alienated we’ve become from nature. While indoor activities can be fun and educational for kids, nothing quite compares to playing outside surrounded by nature. Of course, it’s a must to be mindful of what a child with a disability needs to stay engaged. If you are looking for ways to get your kids more interested in nature, find some great resources below.

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Getting outside can be educational or just plain fun. There are countless ways for kids to entertain themselves at home if your backyard is set up for it. Your kids will also benefit when you try to spend more time outside as a family, whether that’s through volunteering or just taking a fun outdoor adventure in the neighborhood. If you need supplies and gear to make your family’s time outdoors more enjoyable, comfortable, and appealing to the senses, keep your shopping list wallet-friendly by using Target coupons and taking advantage of sales and discounts.

Article composed by Jenny Miller of Stop Nature Deficit Disorder